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How Troop Numbers were Assigned

           Originally, Troop numbers within the Crescent Bay Area Council were assigned by Community. The first Troop in each town and city within the Council boundaries became Troop 1 in that town. Then, as additional troops in that community were organized, they were given numbers in sequence for that town. For example, Santa Monica had Troops 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. as did Venice that had Troops 1, 2, 3, 4, and so forth. By 1926, Crescent Bay District Council had 15 different Troop 1's.
         In 1926, Crescent Bay Council broke apart into three groups. The Southern portion of the Council including Troops in Inglewood, Hawthorn, Lennox, Lawndale, El Segundo and Redondo, Hermosa and Manhatten Beaches separated to form Centinnela Council. The community of Venice split off by itself, possibly to form its own Council or merge into Los Angeles District Council since the City of Los Angeles had annexed and absorbed Venice in 1925. The Northern section, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Palms, Mar Vista, Pacific Palisades, Sawtelle (West Los Angeles) and Sherman (West Hollywood) remained as Crescent Bay Council. Venice Scouters decided to consolidate back with Crescent Bay later in 1926.
         As a result of all the reorganizations, the Council also decided to reorganize the numbering system for its troops to eliminate the duplicity of Troop numbers. Excepting the Santa Monica troops, all others were renumbered. For example, Beverly Hills Troop 1 became Troop 17; Culver City Troop 1 became Troop 18; and Venice Troop 7 became Troop 34. Unfortunately, a written cataloging of the entire list of troop number conversions from the original Community Troop numbers to Council Troop numbers has yet to been found.
          From the beginning of 1927 onward, once a number was assigned to a new Troop, it was usually not available to any other Troop within Crescent Bay Council.  However, prior to 1950, there is evidence that some Troop numbers were reassigned when a Troop disbanded, went defunct or chartered under a different sponsoring organization. Additionally, Council contingents to National Jamborees were assigned troop numbers that were in use by active troops within the Council thereby temporarily creating duplicate numbers during the summers of Jamboree years.

          This list of Troops within Crescent Bay Council has been carefully assembled from Council documents, newspaper articles and other available information.

NOTE: Some Troops had a number used for National purposes that was different than their assigned council troop number. Bill Topkis reports that his troop, 137 from Westwood, used the number 937 for National purposes.

NOTE: Troops listed in two or more Districts (ex. Santa Monica/Will Rogers) either started in a district that split and moved to the new district or were in a district that changed its name.

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Santa Monica/Wilshire
St. Augustine Episcopal Church-Santa Monica  1915,
Kenneth Monroe Scoutmaster. Re-formed 1963

1 Pacific Palisades Founded 1919 or earlier. Possibly became Troop 23 around 1927
Founded 1921; became Troop 28
1 Sawtelle
Founded 1922; Sawtelle Chamber of Commerce; American Legion
Post, 1926
1 Sherman Founded early 1920's
1 Culver City Founded 1921, became Troop 18
1 Beverly Hills Founded 1923, Became Troop 17 in 1926
1 Inglewood Founded 1921
1 El Segundo Founded 1923
1 Redondo Beach Founded 1923 
1 Manhattan Beach Founded 1923
1 Brentwood Founded 1923
1 Palms  
1 Mar Vista 1926
1 Westwood Founded 1926, Westwood School
Santa Monica/Wilshire
First Methodist Episcopal Church-Santa Monica November 23, 1917,
American Legion Post 123-1936;  LDS Church,
Franklin School P.T.A., 1948.

2 Venice  
2 Sawtelle Founded 1923 Methodist Church Sawtelle
2 Inglewood Founded 1923 Men's Brotherhood of Methodist Church, Inglewood
2 Culver City Founded 1925 Culver City Presbyterian Church
2 Sherman/West Hollywood Founded 1926
Santa Monica/Wilshire
First Methodist Church 1936;  Grace Methodist Episcopal Church;
Santa Monica, Beth Sholom Men's Club,
Founded 1921, disbanded 1920's; re-formed First Lutheran Church
3 Sawtelle Founded 1923 Wilson School
3 Inglewood
3 Culver City Sea Scout Troop Founded 1926
4 Santa Monica Lincoln Junior High School, 1930's. Keith Monroe's Troop; 20-30 Club 1947
Edgemar Farms
4 Inglewood Founded 1923 Fairview Heights Grammar School
Santa Monica
Re-organized March 21, 1928, First Methodist Church 1936;
disbanded in 1945

5 Venice/Marina re-formed Beverly Hills B'Nai B'Rith Lodge 1325, 1962
Santa Monica/Sunset
Latter Day Saints Church of Santa Monica
6 Venice  
7 Santa Monica Founded 1923, Knights of Columbus; First Methodist Church 1936
Founded 1924. Abraham Lincoln School,  then First Christian Church
Nov.1930; First Baptist Church, Bill Van Slykes first troop. Became Troop 34?

8 Santa Monica/Sunset Founded 1923 by Outlook Newspaper. re-form:Santa Monica
Exchange Club; Kiwanis Club 1936; Donald Brunson's Troop
Santa Monica/Sunset
American Legion in 1923; Santa Monica Police Officers Association.
Not active in the late 1930's

Pacific Presbyterian Church
10 Santa Monica/Sunset Headquarters Troop founded 1923. Became "Experimental Troop" in 1927.
Sponsored by Jefferson School in 1928; Native Sons of Calif, 1936;
Rotary Club. Santa Monica Employees of Public Works Dept., 1940's.
Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1947, Post 3802
Santa Monica/Wilshire
Founded 1923; Santa Monica Christian Church;
then Santa Monica Lions Club

Santa Monica/Sunset
St. Monicas Catholic Church 1925;  John Adams Junior High School 1936;
Santa Monica Exchange Club; Veterans Service Club; Harold Locke's Troop

Santa Monica/Wilshire
Founded 1926 Trinity Baptist Church
14 Santa Monica 1926 Founded by 13 original members of the first Santa Monica Troops 1
&2. By 1927 was known as the Sea Scout Ship Sea Lion; Citizen's Group 1936
14 Wilshire 20-30 Club, Pacific Palisades, 1948
14 Culver Palms St. Mary's Episcopal Church, 1961; American Legion Mar Vista Post 689
Santa Monica/Wilshire
Founded 1926 Optimist Club
15 Culver Palms
Shenandoah Street School P.T.A.
16 Santa Monica/Will Rogers Founded late 1920's sponsored by Trowell Club. Sea Scout Ship 87 1930's;
Troop 16 Committee, 1963
Beverly Hills
Started as Beverly Hills Troop 1, Became Troop 17 in 1926. Kiwanis Club of Beverly Hills, 1930's-40's; Hawthorne School
Culver Palms
Culver City Lions Club; started 11/19/1924 by R.D Branam. In 1929, was
sponsored  Culver City Palms American Legion Post 46

18 Santa Monica Leroy McDonald went to 1928 Older Scouts Conference in San Diego
Culver Palms
United Presbyterian Church 1936; Mayo D. Wright's Troop. Loyal Order of Moose; Culver City Fireman's Association
Santa Monica/Wilshire/
Will Rogers/
1927. McKinley School P.T.A.; Citizens Group; Topanga School P.T.A.;
American Legion post 796

21 Culver Palms Community Post 46, American Legion. Palms; not clear if this Troop was
Troop 18 in the late 1920'S?
Santa Monica

Westwood/Golden Trails
Westwood Village Exchange Club; Brentwood Presbyterian Church;
Brentwood Savings & Loan

Santa Monica/Wilshire/
Willl Rogers
Community Methodist Church, Pacific Palisades Community Church School
Santa Monica/Sunset
First African Methodist Episcopal Church, Donald Brunson Scoutmaster
25 Santa Monica BPO Elks No. 906

25 Sawtelle, Westwood Mid 1920's. Sawtelle; West Los Angeles
Sawtelle, Westwood/Golden Trails
Mid 1920's. Sawtelle; Brentwood Presbyterian Church; Kiwanis Club
of Brentwood Santa Monica, Los Angeles Police Department & 26 Parents Inc.

Beverly Hills
Father's Council; Rosewood School
28 Venice Citizens Group, Playa Del Rey
Westwood/Golden Trails
Brentwood Parents Inc.
1923; American Legion Post 177; Grabby's Troop, Westminster School
29 Westwood
30 Beverly Hills Robertson Community Church Men's Club; Paul Weiss' Troop in 1946
Robertson Community Church
1927; Venice Baptist Church; Venice High School P.T.A.; Mark Twain Jr.
High School 1951

1923; Hunts End, Venice Lions Club
33 Beverly Hills
Rotary Club of Beverly Hills, 1948; El Rodeo Scout House
Founded 1924 as Troop 7; Venice Baptist Church; Reg Bowen,
Bill Van Slyke; Parents Committee

Sawtelle, Westwood Hills, Westwood
Westwood Kiwanis Club
American Legion, Bruin Post 271, 1948; Alpha Phi Omega at UCLA, 
1958 (started at Fairburn Ave School, 1953); The Three-six Corp.

37 Beverly Hills Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 811 & Father's Committee, 1948;
Beverly Hills City Employees Association reformed 1956
38 Beverly Hills Fox Wilshire Theater 1931; Mt. Calvary Lutheran Men's Club 1958
39 Westwood/Golden Trails Los Angeles Police Department, West LA Division;
Crescent Bay Optimist Club

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40 Venice/Marina 1930; Citizens Group, 1948; American Legion Post 177, Betsy Ross Hut
40 Culver City Ashlin Cutforth attended 1928 Older Scuts Conference in San Diego
41 Beverly Hills  
42 Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Lions Club; Westwood Elementary School P.T.A.
42 Westwood
Westwood Village Optimist Club reformed 1962
43 Culver Palms Group of Citizens, Palms; Jewish War Veterans Westwood post  658
44 Westwood Hills; Westwood
1928. Veterans of Foreign Wars; Voyagers Club Westwood Presbyterian
Church; Family School Alliance of the U.E.S. UCLA

45 Westwood/Golden Trails Optimist Club of West Los Angeles; Father's Club of Troop 45 Inc.
46 Venice/Marin/Culver Palms Mar Vista, Church of Later Day Saints
47 Culver Palms
Church of Later Day Saints-La Cienega Ward
48 Culver Palms Rotary Club of Culver City
49 Culver Palms St. Mary's Episcopal Church & American Legion Post 612; Palms
50 Culver Palms Westminster Presbyterian Church Shipmates
50 Beverly Hills Canfield School
51 Beverly Hills Citizens Group; Horace Mann School PTA
52 Vencice Saint Marks Catholic Church, 1949
52 Westwood Emerson Jr. High School PTA 1959
53 Venice/Marina Citizens' group; Marina Del Rey Junior High School P.T.A.
54 Beverly Hills Holy Name Society of St. Mary Magdalene Church
54 Marina Beethoven PTA 1958
55 Westwood Holy Name Society, Church of St. Paul, School; Church
56 Culver Palms LDS Church
57 Santa Monica Santa Monica B'nai Brith Lodge No. 1028
57 Culver Palms
58 Beverly Hills Lions Club Log Cabin, West Hollywood
59 Santa Monica Founded 1936; George Pardee 1st Scout Master; then C.L. Hollinger Troops.
59 Westwood Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1948; Kiwanis Club of Ranch Park 1954; Emerson Jr. High School
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60 Beverly Hills Founded 1936, Beverly Vista School
60 Venice/Marina Parents Club, Corpus Christi Catholic Church
60 Westwood Lark Ellen Home for Boys
61 Culver Palms LaBallona School PTA 1936; Palms (1940's) Optimists Club of Culver City;
La Ballona School PTA, 1948.
62 Santa Monica/Wilshire Founded 1936, Kights of Columbus; Holy Name Society, St. Monica's Roman
Catholic Church
63 Venice/Marina Mishkon Tefiloh Congregation, 1936; Citizens Group; Santa Monica B'nai B'rith 1948, Westminister School; Ocean Park Methodist Church
64 Beverly Hills Fathers' Council, Temple Beth Am
65 Westwood American Legion, Post 501, 689; Cheviot Hills (1940's); Rancho Park(1950's)
66 Santa Monica Latter Day Saints 
66 Culver Palms Holy Name Society, St. Augustines
67 Santa Monica/Wilshire First Methodist Church, November 23, 1935
68 Santa Monica Founded 1936, All Soul's Unitarian Church
68 Culver Palms American Legion, post 541, 547; Dad's Committee
69 Santa Monica/Wilshire/
Will Rogers/Golden Trails
American Legion Post No. 283, 1940's. Chamber of Commerce 1947
Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association, 1948; Father's Committee
70 Culver Palms B'nai B'rith; Mar Vista Optimist Club
71 Venice/Marina 1942; Venice Rotary Club, Betsy Ross Hut; LDS Church
72 Venice/Marina Playa Del Rey School PTA 1956
72 Beverly Hills Church of Good Shepard
72 Council Crescent Bay contingent to 1964 National Jamboree
73 Culver Palms Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 1476
73 Council Crescent Bay contingent to 1964 National Jamboree
74 Santa Monica/Sunset Calvary Baptist Church
74 Council Crescent Bay contingent to 1960 National Jamboree
74 Culver Palms Calvary Baptist Church; Culver City Presbyterian Church, 1962
74 Marina Knights of Columbus, Saint Marks Catholic Church
75 Council Crescent Bay contingent to 1960 National Jamboree
75 Venice/Marina 1940; Venice Community Church, re-form 1964 Methodist
Church men's club
76 Westwood Westwood Gardens Civic Association
77 Venice/Marina Mission Legion-Mission of Moose 77 1936; Lutheran Church, Loyola Village 1949
78 Santa Monica/Wilshire Malibu Beach American Legion Post No. 605
78 Golden Trails St. Martin of Tours-Holy Name Society, 1960 Brentwood
79 Culver Palms Sawtelle Basin Home Owners
79 Westwood/Golden Trails Scout Fathers
80 Westwood Rancho Park Lions Club
81 Westwood/Golden Trails
82 Westwood/Golden Trails Holy Name Society-Saint Joan of Arc Parish
83 Beverly Hill Rotary Club of West Hollywood, 1948; West Hollywood School
84 Golden Trails Club Aguila Real, 1960
85 Venice Oakwood Playground 12/1950
85 Santa Monica/Will Rogers St. Matthews Episcopol Church
88 Westwood/Golden Trails American Legion, Post 89. West L.A. Lions Club
90 Santa Monica/Will Rogers Pacific Palisades P.T.A.; American Legion post 796
91 Beverly Hills/Culver Palms West Adams. started 1941, folded 1949, revived, disbanded 1953
92 Culver Palms El Marino School, PTA
93 Culver Palms
95 Santa Monica Bekins Van and Storage
99 Westwood Westwood Village Lion's Club 1954; St. Alban's Episcopal Church

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100 Santa Monica/Wilshire Douglas Aircraft Air Troop, 1940's; American Legion Post 523, 1947;
Beverly Vista Presbyterian Church
101 Council Adult Training Troop 1930's
101 Will Rogers Malibu Optimist Club
102 Beverly Hills St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church
103 Culver Palms Westdale Scouters
105 Marina
106 Santa Monica/Will Rogers Rustic Canyon Parents Club
107 Venice
107 Santa Monica Mt. Olive Lutheran Brotherhood
108 Westwood
108 Culver Palms Grace Lutheran Church, 1963
109 Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Catholic School, Cheviot Hills 1957, Rosewood 1946
109 Santa Monica Trinity Baptist Church, 1964
110 Culver Palms
110 Westwood Bel Air Presbyterian Church, 1963
111 Westwood Faith Tabernacle, Assemblies of God
111 Santa Monica Dad's Club of Santa Monica, 1961
112 Santa Monica Veterans Service league,Harold Locke. Troop became an Explorer
post in 1947

112 Santa Monica Thomas A. Edison PTA 1957
113 Culver Palms Culver City Exchange Club
115 Beverly Hills
116 Culver Palms Temple Akiba, Culver City 1958
117 Golden Trails Kenter Canyon School P.T.A.
118 Culver Palms St. Johns Presbyterian; Clover Ave School P.T.A., 1958; B'Nai Brith 1965
120 Westwood
121 Culver Palms Culver City Optimists 1958
122 Culver Palms Culver City Moose Lodge no. 1612
123 Santa Monica/Wilshire/
Will Rogers
St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Santa Monica Fireman's Assn. 1946
125 Santa Monica BPO Elks No. 906. Became an Explorer Post in 1946; LDS Church of
Santa Monica Ward
126 Santa Monica/Will Rogers Optimist Club of Santa Monica
127 Marina Venice Rotary Club, 1960
129 Culver Palms
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130 Culver Palms
130 Santa Monica Santa Monica Corps of Salvation Army
131 Venice/Marina Pholco-Bendix Corp. 1957; Parents Committee
132 Westwood
134 Marina Knights of Columbus no. 3744, 1963
137 Westwood Warner Ave School; Westwood Village Rotary Club
140 Golden Trails Westwood Village Lutheran Church 1958
141 Westwood Saint Timothy's Roman Catholic Church
144 Westwood American Legion Post 563; LDS Church Westwood 1st and 2nd Wards
145 Westwood L.D.S.-Westwood or Beverly Hills Ward
145 Beverly Hills
146 Culver Palms
147 Culver Palms LDS Church

150 Santa Monica Parents Community Association, 1960; A.M.Vets post 2
154 Marina Walgrove-Beethoven Community Youth Activities Committee
156 Culver Palms Citizens Group, 1956; American Legion no. 46
157 Culver Palms Citizens group, 1962
158 Culver Palms
162 Beverly Hills Temple Emanuel Brotherhood, 1964
165 Westwood Cheviot Hills
167 Marina Venice-Marina Rotary Club
169 Culver Palms Maynard Memorial Methodist Church
177 Santa Monica Ocean Park Methodist Church, 1957; First Presbyterian Church
192 Culver Palms Breakfast Optimist Club of Culver City, 1960
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200 Beverly Hills Fathers' Council Canfield Ave Elementary School
201 Beverly Hills Canfield Ave School PTA, 1958
210 Westwood Westwood Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1958
213 Beverly Hills Dad's Club of 213, 1959; Brotherhood of Temple Issiah
218 Westwood Saint John's Presbyterian Church
220 Will Rogers Topanga Lions Club, 1957
222 Santa Monica Sertoma International-Santa Monica
223 Santa Monica/Will Rogers St. Matthews Episcopal Church
224 Will Rogers Optimist Club of Malibu
227 Golden Trails Brotherhood of University Synagogue
228 Golden Trails Brentwood Optimist Club 1957; Citizens Group
237 Golden Trails Westdale Lions Club 1959
250 Golden Trails Hardman Aerospace
253 Beverly Hills
258 Council Adult Leader Training Troop
260 Golden Trails Golden Trails West Los Angeles Optimist Club
290 Santa Monica American Legion Post No. 290
290 Westwood/Golden Trails American Legion Post No, 290
300 Westwood/Golden Trails
313 Culver Palms
360 Beverly Hills Beth Jacob Congregation
368 Marina LDS Church
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400 Will Rogers Pacific Palisades Presbyterian Church


426 Will Rogers
435 Will Rogers
442 Santa Monica/Will Rogers
459 Council Cub training Troop
485 Will Rogers
486 Santa Monica/Will Rogers
613 Culver Palms
653 Santa Monica
655 Santa Monica LDS Church-Santa Monica 2nd Ward
764 Marina Parents club, 1964
906 Santa Monica/Wilshire Elks Lodge No. 906,1947
1830 Will Rogers LDS Church
1847 Westwood/Golden Trails LDS Church-Brentwood Ward
3000 Will Rogers Staff Troop at Camp Josepho, may also be Post 3000

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