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Sea Scouts - Ship List  

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          Ships and Sea Scout units within Crescent Bay Council is as mysterious as it is confusing.  A Sea Scout unit was started within the Council in 1925 before there was a ship for them to sail. Then, during the late 1920's, individual Troops began forming Sea Scout patrols as part of their Troop. The Council purchased a boat called the "Mischief" in 1926 and Troop Sea Scouts had use of the Mischief along with the Council Sea Scout Unit which ultimately became Ship 87.
          One by one, additional boats were procured and by the later 1920's, Sea Scout units were shifting to specific boats instead of Troops. To add to the confusion, Ship 87 then sponsored the formation of another Ship within itself called the Islander, Ship 16. When the Senior Scout program evolved into Explorer Scouts in the late 1940's, Crescent Bay had "Sea Explorers and "Sea Scouts".
          This list has been
carefully assembled from Council documents, newspaper articles and other available information. It should be considered as a work-in-progress guide to documenting Sea Scouting within Crescent Bay Area Council and not a definitive cataloging.

NOTE: This list includes Ships, Sea Scout Troops of the 1920's and Sea Explorer Posts. See the Troop List and the Explorer Post List for additional information.

NOTE: In 1928, the following Santa Monica Troops were known to have Sea Scout Units within them:
1; 2; 10; 11; 15; 16; 38

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 SHIP  NAME  DISTRICT                           
Mischief Council First boat purchased by Crescent Bay for all Sea Scout Units
and Troop patrols in 1926. Became Ship 87
Sea Lion
Santa Monica
1925  "Norman Dee". Started as Santa Monica Troop 14. Lions Club

2 Whaler
Santa Monica/Sunset American Legion Post No. 123 inactive in 1946

Santa Monica
Founded 1926 by Bernarr Bates. Kiwanais Club
  3   Culver City Founded 1926
  3   Westwood West Los Angeles Rotary Club
  3 Windjammer Santa Monica Started as patrol of Santa Monica Troop 3; Disbanded into Ship 45

Beverly Hills Exchange Club of Beverly Hills; Canfield School
8   Venice Founded 1926; Disbanded 1929
14   Santa Monica Al Miller's first ship in 1923, inactive in 1945, Citizens group 1948

16 Islander
Santa Monica/Sunset
Al Miller,Bob Hawkins-skipper. Ship 87, then Council staff sponsor.

22 Navigator
Culver City/
Santa Monica/Sunset
Won the first Council (1930) Sea Scout Trophy. Santa Monica Rotary   
Club & The Merchants of Topanga

23   Santa Monica Pacific Palisades
33 Westwood Brentwood Lion's Club 1954; Rancho Park Lion's Club

Westwood Three Six Corporation, 1961
38     1928
43 Flying Cloud    

Santa Monica/Wilshire Douglas Aircraft Co.

Westwood B.P.O. Elks 906; Optimist Club of West Los Angeles

52 Pinta
Beverly Hills Beverly Hills American Legion Post 253

Santa Monica

Santa Monica/Wilshire
Santa Monica Optimist Club, Inactive in 1946
65   Westwood Westwood Junior Chamber of Commerce
72 Tortuga Culver Palms Shakey's Pizza Parlor of Culver City
77 Venice Roberts News & Markets

87 Mischief
Santa Monica became Ship 16?

Santa Monica/Will Rogers Latter Day Saints Church 1948, American Legion Post #283, 1970

Will Rogers Lions Club of Malibu
102   Santa Monica/Wilshire Pacific Palisades  Men's Club, 1948

Beverly Hills "Dads of 102", 1960

Edgmar Farms; U.S. Naval Reserve Surface Division 11-48

121 Louie Bee
Culver Palms Rotary Buccaneers of Culver City
126 Brentwood Organized 1940, Skipper Bill Blau

Beverly Hills/Westwood West Hollywood Lions Club, 1948; Parents and
Committeemen, reformed 1961

Westwood Westwood LDS Church, 1956
145    Westwood

Culver Palms La Cienaga LDS Church, 1957
175 Venice First Methodist Church of Venice
204 Venice/Marina U.S. Naval Reserve Division 11-46, 1957
223 Will Rogers Pacific Palisades Methodist Church
224 Will Rogers Malibu Optmist Club, 1960; Point Dume Yacht Club,
National Champions 1970
310 Marina
Marina Area Chamber of Commerce, 1964
330 Santa Monica
333 Culver Palms
345 Westwood
450 Will Rogers Pacific Palisades Lions Club, 1957
660 Santa Monica Parents and members of Ship 660, 1961
677 Westwood Westwood Village Jr. Chamber of Commerce, 1954
Liberal Arts No. 677 Club Inc.; Citizens Group
766 Marina Del Rey Yacht Club
906 Santa Monica Elk League of Santa Monica, Glenn Dennis- Skipper

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