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Neckerchief Slides

Late 1950's Early 1960's
Patrol Camporee

           These slides were used for one or more Santa Monica District camporees. They show a scout and Scouter looking west at a setting sun over Santa Monica Bay. The unique cross-hatched fence they are leaning against is the fence along the Santa Monica bluffs overlooking the Pacific Coast highway. Constructed from poured acrylic in a variety of different colors with plastic rings glued on the backs.

  Gold Glitter           Silver Glitter  
Red & Black acrylic with
gold glitter background.
  Red & Black acrylic with
silver glitter background.

Red Acrylic   Painted  
  Translucent red acrylic.    Hand painted.   Colored pencil on white plaster

    Late 1950's
Early 1960's
Honorary Depu ty
Commissioner Staff
Jubilee Camporee
Circle B Scout Ranch
  May 21-22
                            TYPE 1                                                TYPE 2
TYPE 1 has SILVER FDL.                 TYPE 2 has WHITE FDL

  Black poured plastic with
painted white lettering.

  Embossed & printed on plastic discs, applied to polished brass slide base."Jubilee Joe" celebrated the 50th anniversary of the B.S.A. Believed to be first slide made by Camp Sales Co. owned by long-time Santa Monica scouter Glenn Gordon.


Leather "Woggles"
Angeles National Forest
May 19-20

Printed on various pieces of scrap leather for the 1962 wilderness camp. By cutting the horizontal lines and
pushing the center piece to the back, a loop could be made that turned these items into neckerchief slides.

    Light Brown Leather   Silver Naugahyde    


Late 1950's - Early 1960's
Honorary Deputy Commissioner Staff

Made from poured plastic with painted lettering and pin clasps glued to back.

Honorary Deputy

Honorary Deputy
Black lettering on silver glitter plastic.

    Red & Black lettering on gold glitter plastic.
Also used as a name tag, this example was worn by Camp Slauson Ranger,
Earl Grabhorn
    Gold painted lettering on red plastic.


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