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Conservation Good Turn Patch

Conservation Good Turn

Article in Round Up
December, 1955, p. 2

Embroidered on felt.

       Crescent Bay Council participated in a nationwide program launched by the BSA in 1954 aimed at promoting conservation and good turns. The good turn portion focused on collecting clothing and helping the needy. Patches were made and used by local councils for participation in the program. These patches came in different versions,  some on cotton twill and others on felt. Crescent Bay Council used the patch shown above.
       The Conservation Good Turn program continued through the 1950's although conservation became a smaller focus. Helping the needy became the central priority.. By the late 1950's, the idea of a Good Turn Day had become part of Crescent Bay's annual program but the conservation component had disappeared completely.

Conservation Good Turn
Scout Deputy Pin

Pressed Tin with silk screening


Good Turn Day Ribbons  

Good Turn Day ribbons, or "streamers" were awarded to troops and packs for participation in the annual
Crescent Bay Area Council Good Turn Day. They were meant to be attached to the unit flag pole.

Good Turn Day
National Program

Good Turn Day
National Program

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Good Turn Day Documents  

Certificate of Appreciation
December 2, 1961

Awarded to Troop 45 of Golden Trails District.
SIGNATURES: Paul McKiltry; J. Howard Jennerwood; O.R. Alershman; Mildred Shillie;
Donald Douglas Jr-Council President.; Clyde Wright-Council Good Turn Chairman.

 Good Turn Day Card
  From Unit Leaders Handbook


 Unit leaders filled out these cards and
mailed them back to the Council office.


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