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About Camporals & Camporees

The Crescent Bay Council Camporal was first held in 1933 at Pacific Palisades Athletic Field in Temescal Canyon. It was designed as a pre-qualifying, two-day overnight camping event for the Regional Camporal of top patrols from Southern California held at Griffith Park two weeks later. Formats for the Camporals changed over time but further expanded on the idea of Scout Skill competitions by grading troop and patrol performance in actual camping conditions. The 1939 Crescent Bay Camporal instructions characterized the event as: "a public demonstration of Patrol camping technique". see the 1939 Camporee Log Book
              "Standard Troop" was a troop grading system started by Crescent Bay Council in the late 1920's. It was continued in the Camporals which took on a life of their own as camping skill competitions for troops in addition to the annual Pow Wow's.
          For reasons unknown, the Camporal name was changed to Camporee in 1938 and then both names seem to have been used through the early 1940's. To add to the confusion, Crescent Bay Council instituted a program of District Camporees in 1941 to determine which troops would be invited to the Council Camporal held in conjunction with the dedication of Camp Josepho.
Beginning in 1942, Crescent Bay settled on Camporal for the Council camping weekend and Camporee for the district camping events. This nomenclature continued through 1953 when the last Crescent Bay Camporal was held.
           "A" Standard Troop
 Leather Patch

Embossed with red & green ink on leather. 
           After 1953, two more Council camping events were organized: one for the 50th BSA anniversary Jubilee Camporee in 1960 and then again in 1971 for the Ecol-O-Ree - Conservation Camporee.

List of
Crescent Bay Council Camporals/rees


1921 Oct 30

Sawtelle Boulevard School
Santa Monica Troop 1
1922 January
Redondo Beach Unknown
1922 April 8

Santa Monica Auditorium Plaza
Redondo Troop 1
Redondo Beach
Santa Monica Troop 2
Jan 13

Santa Monica High School
Santa Monica Troop 2
1923 April 21 District Inglewood Union High School Unknown
1923 May 5 District Redondo Beach Hotel Manhatttan Beach Troop 1
1923 June 23 District Clover Aviation Field Unknown
June 14

Inglewood Union High School
El Segundo Troop 1 &
Inglewood Troop 1
June 20

Redondo Beach Gym
1st-  Venice Troop 2 (Troop 29)
2nd- Venice Troop 5 (Troop 32)
3rd-  Inglewood Troop 1
Jun 5
& 12

Santa Monica High School
1st-  Troop 1 Santa Monica
2nd- Troop 1 Inglewood
3rd-  Troop 7 (Troop 34) Venice
May 14

Lincoln Junior High School    Santa Monica
1st-  Troop 17 Beverly Hills
2nd- Troop 23 Santa Monica
3rd-  Troop 32 Venice
4th-  Troop 34 Venice & 11 SM

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